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Are you a morning person? I’m totally not! I usually don’t talk before I’ve had coffee and sometimes it happens that my coffee also needs a coffee. If you are not a morning person, it’s very hard to fully function before noon and it’s a real struggle to wake up before 12 p.m. Moreover, you set up to ten alarms in the morning. And it doesn’t work and you hit snooze about a thousand times in the morning and is late for work. Fail! That’s why with the non-morning person usually face with some funny fails and awkward situations. For example, you clean your teeth with closed eyes and may confuse toothpaste with face cream. Ugh! You sleep on the road to work especially if you use a bus or subway. You are always sleepy at morning meetings. My brain can’t function properly and concentrate that early. I insist that morning person are alien species 😉
Some people are truly unlucky and always spill something or break. Awkward situations may happen everywhere and with everybody. Do you usually spill coffee in a car especially when a beautiful guy is looking at you? Wearing glasses is not a comfortable thing at all but the real disaster is when you put your eyeglasses on a couch and your friend accidentally sits on them. Eyeglasses are broken and you can’t see anything. Fail!
Cooking sometimes could be a real struggle! Watch the hilarious compilation about kitchen fails. Do you love pizza? Everyone who adores pizza at least once faced a problem is when you want to enjoy pizza and try to bite it but the topping slides out of it. Nooo! One more real fail is when you use hand mixer without splash guard. Unfortunately, now you need to spend a lot of time cleaning your kitchen as splashed cake batter around your kitchen, your hair, and t-shirt. Panic!

00:09 If you are not a morning person
00:40 Toothpaste fail
01:03 Do you hate early meetings?
03:17 Every day fails
06:55 Funny food scenes

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