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Some people say that science is a very boring thing. It’s not true, there are a lot of science tricks that are surprisingly fun and entertaining. We prepared a collection of tricks that you can show your friends during the party.
You can make a lot of tricks with such a simple element as water! You can do all the tricks only using the thing you already have at home. To perform the first trick, you will need two identical glasses, food coloring, water, and a thin piece of plastic. Pour cold water and blue food coloring in the first glass and warm water and yellow food coloring in the second one. Place a plastic card on the second glass and push a bit. Flip the glass and immediately place over the first glass. Watch the magic!
The next experiment is a cool experiment for kids! Take a square piece of foil and draw a small spider with a marker. Pour water on the spider, take a straw and blow on a spider. Draw another spider and start racing! They are moving!
One more mind-blowing trick is to make a stunning print using glue and ink. Drip a drop of glue and a drop of ink over the glue. Enjoy the pure magic!
Take a metallic tray and pour some milk on it to cover the surface. Next, add drops of food coloring, take different colors, we used blue, green, red and pink. In the center of the tray add a big drop of any color and put the cotton ball dipped in dish soap on it. Enjoy the magic!
As a bonus, you will find an easy tutorial on how to make bubble machine out of plastic cups! Enjoy!
Watch our video till the end to find more mind-blowing science experiments and you will change your opinion that science a very boring thing!

00:09 Spider race
01:55 Trick with a candle
03:23 Awesome science experiments
05:17 Homemade Kinetic sand
07:18 DIY bubble machine
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