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@yahya Mar 29


Check out an amazing collection of ideas on how to spend a boring evening! You totally should try these experiments and have fun!
Have you ever heard about waterproof kinetic sand? Try this awesome experiment and make waterproof sand that refuses to get wet! You will need a baking tray of any shape, cover the tray with aluminum foil. Spread the sand over the tray and the layer should be thin. Spray a hairspray and the sand should absorb the spray. Once the sand is dry stir and mix it. Take a glass of water and pour your magic send into it.
Another cool idea is to make underwater fireworks. Yes, it sounds crazy but the idea and result are very cool! Take a glass jar and fill it with sunflower oil, after that take food coloring of any food coloring you like. Drip in 2 drops of every color. Drops won’t mix together if color the oil. Stir the mixture and pour in a glass of water. There will be 2 layers and the magic will begin. One more cool experiment that even a kid can make is called pepper and water science trick. It’s a very easy and cool trick to do at home. Take a plate and pour water onto it. Take a ground pepper and sprinkle it all over the water. Peppers sits on the surface on the water and if you dip your fingertip in nothing really happens. Place a tiny drop of soap dish on your finger and dip your finger into the water again. Pepper will spread out.
Find out surprising uses of salt you haven’t seen before! For example, you can easily grow crystals at home. Check out our step by step tutorial! Also, there are a lot of life-changing household uses of salt – the quick way to clean makeup sponge using salt, how to whiten teeth at home, how to easily clean French press and a lot more!

00:11 Amazing science experiments
02:01 Waterproof kinetic sand
04:34 Awesome drawing tutorials
06:57 How to draw a dragon
12:25 Underwater fireworks
14:43 Unexpected uses of salt

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