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Do you love magic tricks? We share cool tutorials on how to make cool magic and science experiments at home. Yes, you can make awesome science tricks at home and it’s so amazing. Science is not boring at all with our tutorials. We will change your mind that science is a very boring thing. Science could be very fun and breathtaking! Moreover, you can surprise your friends showing them all the experiments chemical tricks. They will totally love your performance!
You will find a lot of mind-blowing colorful experiments that look like real magic. Take a metallic tray and pour some milk on it to cover the surface. Add drops of food coloring, take different colors. Finally, put the cotton ball dipped in dish soap in the center of the tray. Enjoy the magic! One more cool experiment: take a high glass, pour some water and add baby oil, few drops of food coloring and the last put one pill of aspirin inside. Enjoy the magic bubbles!
Check out a recipe of kinetic sand that is very useful for a child’s development as it develops kids’ motor skills and also a cool tool for grown-ups to relax. Do it yourself, you will need 3 cups of sand, 2 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of soapy water and add food coloring of any color you want. It takes only a couple of minutes but you and your kids will be satisfied with the result and they will spend hours creating a whole new world to play.
Check out jaw-dropping tricks you can make using only water! Pour water into a clear cup and heat in microwave for 8 minutes. Now put a pencil into the water. Yes, the water is boiling! You can also put a knife or sugar in the water to perform this trick.

00:11 Egg trick
00:42 Colorful tricks
02:10 Homemade kinetic sand
04:53 Racing spiders
08:50 Glowing slime
09:49 Amazing water tricks

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