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Today we share kitchen secrets that everybody who loves cooking should know. You will learn how to choose bell peppers, the right way to store avocado, what to do with dry bread and weird ways to cook steaks!
Today you will learn how to choose the best sweet peppers and you may ask what’s the difference? The difference is the next: female bell papers have 4 bumps and are better for eating raw in salads for example as they are sweeter. Male bell peppers have only 3 bumps and it better to use them for cooking.
Check out crazy ways to cook steak at home using the iron, toaster and even chicken! You will be shocked to find easy but really weird ways to cook steaks! If you don’t have a grill, wrap your steak in foil, add oil and place a hot iron on it for 5 minutes from every side. Done! Another way to cook a steak is to use the toaster! Wrap steak in foil and cook in the toaster for 10 minutes. Moreover, you can add some vegetable during the first step. Don’t forget to share these funny hacks with your friends!
Here are top kitchen tips:
– Cut avocados will naturally oxidize if left unprotected in the fridge that’s why to cover the cut part with vegetable oil
– Pit cherries using a safety pin
– Check out the right way to store eggs in the fridge
– Find really funny ways to cut cucumbers
– Use grill rack to cut eggs in seconds
– an easy way to peel off kiwis – cut a kiwi in half, take a mixer whisk, insert it right in the kiwi and turn around
– have you ever seen a lemon spray? You can easily make one by yourself!
– Make a DIY food slicer made out of a plastic syringe
Check out more helpful hacks how to peel and cut vegetables and fruits!
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00:09 Quick way to cook a fish
00:22 Coffee milk idea
04:29 Use grill rack to cut eggs
07:19 DIY Lemon spray
08:26 Weird ways to cook steaks at home

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